Meet Plane Perfect!

Who Are We? Meet Plane Perfect!  

Plane Perfect is a company dedicated to cleaning products for pilots by pilots. Tired of seeing the same so-so results from the same decades old formulas? So were we. That’s why we decided to improve on them, seeking better results like higher polish and more durability. After designing superior formulas for ourselves, we realized that we must not be alone. So we created a catalog of products that work on metal, fiberglass or fabric airplanes to provide a caliber of quality simply not achievable with the older formulas. 

Our company started out of necessity. Chris, cofounder and antique plane nut, couldn’t get decent results with the products of the market. After running a high-end limo service, he knew the possibilities for interior and exterior cleaning products – the kind of products that people notice, high-shine wow-factor products. So that’s what we set out to create …and, much to our pleasure, we’ve succeeded. Our competition continues to sell out-dated formulas that just don’t perform like ours do. 

Rich, cofounder and recent flying acrobatics convert, started flying about 11 years ago and fell in love with the experience. Now holder of a private license, instrument rating, tail wheel endorsement, complex endorsement and high altitude endorsement, he’s been able to explore the new and exciting possibilities of flying acrobatics in a Pitts. Chris has a couple more years under his belt and is most inspired by antique planes; currently he spends his time exploring the air in a 1947 Cessna 195. 

So, what do we offer? From interior to exterior, we cover the gamut, including the tools to get the job done right, as well as kits – from the basic Starter Kit to the all-in-one Grand Champion Kit. Our products include: Wing Wipe – Airplane Detail Spray, Eyes Outside – Airplane Windshield Cleaner and Polish, Buddha Belly Oil and Grease Cleaner, Perfect Seal and Protect – Aerospace Grade Sealant, Ecoclean – Waterless Airplane Cleaner, Interior Cleaner – Odorless Airplane Interior Cleaner, Perfect Leather – Airplane Leather Conditioner, as well as microfiber towels to get that streak-free clean, and porter cable dual action buffers to get that ideal polished gleam. 

Our products not only works well with planes but with vehicles as well. We are expanding our products to include all types of motor vehicles. That will bring quality products to all of the detailing industry.

Want to know more? Have specific questions? We’d love to hear them! Share your queries and ideas with us in the comments below.