Plane Perfect 1: What You Need to Know.

I arrived at Chris's hangar to shoot a video about Plane Perfect 1, the new one bottle ceramic from Plane Perfect. Chris is ecstatic about what this new product can do and if you spend any length of time with him he will tell you about Plane Perfect 1 and why everyone should have it. After watching it work it's wonders on a 1931 Model A Ford. I myself, became a believer in the product that is Plane Perfect 1. 

What does Plane Perfect 1 do exactly?

In short it's a one bottle cleaning and detailing solution, 1 is comprised of a unique SiO2 surfactant free emulsion of cross linking polymers and special additives to quickly and effectively clean, shine and protect paintwork, glass, plastics and rubber moldings as well as a variety of other surfaces. Watch how 1 protects and repairs paint right before your eyes. Bringing clear coated paint back to life, 1 is a unique formula you're sure you use over and over!

What can you use it on? 

EVERYTHING! I'm being serious, anyone out there who cares about their car, boat, RV, airplane or motorcycle should use one. If you want the best protection and shine and want to stand out by making your vehicles shine then Plane Perfect 1 is the product for you.

Where is it made?

At Plane Perfect all products are made in the USA. This is ESSENTIAL to know because there are companies out there just slapping their labels onto someone else's chemical made overseas and calling it theirs. You'll never have to worry about what you are putting on your vehicle with our products. Plane Perfect 1 is manufactured in Chicago, IL! We are proud to say it's American made.

How to use it?

Plane Perfect 1 is effortlessly easy to apply, simply spray and wipe regardless if the surface is wet or dry, dirty or clean. 1 is suitable over any base surface protection regardless of polymer sealant, wax or any other type of coating - in other words - NO PREP NEEDED!!

Plane Perfect 1will be the the last detailer that you will ever need. Guaranteed.