Interior Cleaner - Odorless Airplane Interior Cleaner

Plane Perfect

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Interior Cleaner is the perfect colorless and odorless product for any airplane to remove dirt, soil, stains, skids and markings from almost any surface. Interior Cleaner is specifically formulated to provide optimum cleaning results for all leather, vinyl, cloth, carpet or hard surface stains. It can be used with a light brush for tough stains or carpet cleaning and makes hard to remove stains vanish instantly. It even works on walls if the kids color on them (ask us how we know)! Directions: Always test fiber for color fastness in an inconspicuous area. For best results and to avoid scratching, use a Plane Perfect Microfiber Towel. Apply Interior Cleaner liberally to towel or surface to be cleaned. Allow product to penetrate for up to 60 seconds. For tough stains, agitate with a brush if needed. Wipe excess with a dry towel. For cloth or carpets, you may follow with a light water mist to remove any excess cleaner. For leather, follow with Perfect Leather to add nutrients and conditioners that will maintain strength and suppleness. For heavily soiled areas multiple applications of Interior Cleaner may be necessary. Do not allow Interior Cleaner to dry on surface. Do not use on soft plastic windscreens or glass.