Bugs are a drag - We have the solutions

Bugs can cause a lot of different issues with your airplane.

  • They look terrible
  • They can stain your paint
  • They can obstruct your view
  • They can reduce performance
Plane Perfect has multiple solutions to the problem.
For your leading edges, Wing Wipe is the daily-use detail spray with a unique nanospec sealant to not just remove the bugs, but protect your paint from future bugs and UV.

Of course, bugs are most notable on the windshield where they can obscure your view. Eyes Outside is a glass and acrylic cleaner that's safe for all airplane windows.

With both products, simply spray on the areas to be cleaned, allow a couple minutes for the bugs to rehydrate and then wipe off with a Plane Perfect Microfiber cloth.

Our starter pack is a great way to get all three for one low price!