Fall Flash Sale

"I’ve used Plane Perfect on our aircraft with great results. It leaves the finish clean, protected and more shiny than other products I've tried. I recommend their products to my customers."
John Barron (15 time award winner, Airventure)

Fall Flash Sale!

Get our Clean Up Kit including Buddha Belly, Eco Clean and 12 microfiber towels for just $39.95!

Plane Perfect's Clean Up Kit gives you just what you need to get your plane sparkly and shiny before winter gets here.  

Inspired by the exhaust-wheezing, oil-spitting round engine of one of our founders, Buddha Belly was developed to remove the oil, dirt, grime, bugs and exhaust stains that plague all aircraft. The problem he faced was developing a formulation that would remove the oil and grime, but still be safe to use. Buddha Belly uses an all-natural citrus-based formula to clean surfaces free of contaminants. Safe to use on the exterior and interior of any surface, Buddha Belly is your go-to product for difficult to clean surfaces. Directions: Safe for composite, fabric and metal aircraft. Use Buddha Belly wherever you need extra cleaning power! Spray Buddha Belly on surface to be cleaned, allow time to penetrate. In areas of heavy grime, agitate with a sponge or towel. Wipe surface free of cleaner, repeat if necessary.

EcoClean is a waterless wash system designed for pilots that either can't use water due to airport rules or otherwise prefer not to use water for washing their plane. Water can seep into places not seen and have unintended consequences! EcoClean emulsifies and suspends dirt and grime producing a clean surface. It also includes natural carnauba wax for a streak and scratch-free shine. Safe for all panels, fabric, wheels, glass and more, EcoClean is a great waterless washing alternative. Directions: Always use with a Plane Perfect Premium Microfiber Towel. Spray surface to be cleaned liberally with EcoClean. Using a clean microfiber towel, gently wipe in one direction with no pressure to remove the dirt. Once the dirt is removed, a light haze of carnauba wax will be left on the surface. Use a fresh microfiber towel and buff off the haze in the opposite direction, revealing a brilliant shine protected by the highest quality blend of carnauba wax and sealants. Follow with Wing Wipe for a superior shine or Perfect Seal and Protect for long lasting protection.

Keep reading to see what our customers say about us...

At Plane Perfect we have a passion for airplanes and couldn't find products to suit our detailing needs. Everything on the market either didn't work very well or was decades old formulas that could be improved for higher polish and more durability. We created a catalog of products that work on metal, fiberglass or fabric airplanes and provide a level of quality just not achievable with older formulas.

"“I'm going to give this to another pilot as a hint to clean his Bonanza up, will even help him if he will. I think he will like your products and maybe buy his own after this.”
Scott (Who cracked us up with this one!)

“My wife used the bottle of Eyes Outside. She says it is way better than the cans of Prist we've been using.”
Ron (Navion)

"Well, I tried out the Buddha Belly, and it is sooo much better than the Aviation Simple Green. Thanks for setting me straight on that."
Steve Jameson (Cessna 170B, 1952 -180 gear, Horton STOL and 29" ABWs)
"Hey guys, just wanted to drop a note with my order letting you know that I'm a returning customer and love your stuff! I fly in rice country so rice bugs are my enemy!"
Greg Wyatt (2001 Husky A1B)

"Wing Wipe is a fantastic product just used it on my 1941 Aeronca Super Chief works better than advertised"
William Arsenault (1941 Aeronca Super Chief)

"I finally got the chance to use my Plane Perfect Kit that my little lady got me for Christmas. I have to say, I am extremely happy with the results! I am very fond of the Buddha Belly and the Wing Wipe. Super easy application. I really enjoyed cleaning this thing up because the products made it so easy. I used the Plane Perfect interior cleaner and the leather treatment on my truck. I love that stuff! Excellent products!!!"
Evan Davis (Airport owner - Checkpoint Charlie, 2007 Zlin Savage Cub)

"I’ve been using Plane Perfect from the start and it helps keep my Grand Champion (OSH ’14) in top condition."
Dillon Barron (1954 Cessna 170B)

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love using Wing Wipe on my Baron. It’s outstanding at removing bugs, oil, and dirt from my plane."
Steve J. (Baron)

"Eco-Clean made the job of removing dirt and leaving a nice protective shine effortless."
Greg Davis (1940 Aeronca TC-65 Defender)

"Eyes Outside and Wing Wipe work great, loved them!"
Santiago Corral (1975 Cessna 182P skylane II)

"Having a newly restored, Bronze Lindy winning (OSH ’14) Cessna 195, it’s important to me to use the safest and best products available. That’s why we choose Plane Perfect."
Ashley Atkinson (1954 Cessna 195)