Buddha Belly - Oil and Grease Cleaner


Inspired by the exhaust-wheezing, oil-spitting radial engine of one of our founders, Buddha Belly was developed to remove the oil, dirt, grime, bugs and exhaust and other stains that plague all aircraft, boat and car owners. Got some junk on those rivet heads? Exhaust or turbine soot staining? Fuel stains? Buddha to the rescue!

The problem we faced was developing a formulation that would remove the oil and grime, but still be safe to use. Buddha Belly uses an all-natural citrus-based formula to clean surfaces free of contaminants. Safe to use on the exterior and interior of any vehicle, Buddha Belly is your go-to product for difficult to clean surfaces.

We ALWAYS recommend following Buddha with a surface protectant like EcoClean, Wing Wipe, 1 or Clear Coat to lay down protection in its path. Used as a spray on/wipe off product with the Plane Perfect system, Buddha will not strip the protection of Wing, 1 or Clear Coat on your surface.

Buddha Belly consists of a citrus cutting agent and two surfactants that is pH balanced to safely lift oil, grease and grime. Buddha contains no petroleum distillates, but that doesn't mean it isn't tough! Always test on a small surface area first and never leave to dry. You can even dilute Buddha to your liking if it's too tough! Works great on engine bays as well.

Directions: Use Buddha Belly wherever you need extra cleaning power, but try Buddha Belly in a non-conspicuous area first and dilute as necessary to avoid staining. You can dilute as much as needed. Spray Buddha Belly on surface to be cleaned, allow time to penetrate if there are stains but do not let dry. In areas of heavy grime, agitate with a sponge or towel. Wipe surface free of cleaner, repeat if necessary. Do not use on soft plastics including windscreens. We always recommend following with Wing Wipe or EcoClean for maximum protection and shine on painted surfaces. 

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