RELOAD - Clear Coat Si14 Ceramic Finishing Spray refill


Purchase RELOADs to replenish your Clear Coat! RELOADS are sold separately with no bottle or sprayer. Because Clear Coat is activated through our sprayer, please make sure to have previously purchased the bottle and sprayer. Mix one RELOAD with 16 oz of water for multiple applications.

Clear Coat is a revolutionary hydrophobic ceramic spray safe for ANY hard surface. Boasting 12 months of protection per application, multiple uses per bottle and RELOAD refills when you need more, Clear Coat is your choice for superior UV protection, hydrophobic shine and protection for EVERY vehicle!

Most ceramic sprays on the market are formulated with SiO2 and look great after you use them, but long term protection is not as durable as Si14. Clear Coat uses Si14 technology which produces a harder shine that lasts. Clear Coat is sold in concentrate so the chemicals never get old! Simply mix with water (distilled or reverse osmosis for longer shelf life) when ready and you have fresh product that applies maximum Aviation Grade protection to your favorite vehicle. There is NO SILICONE in Clear Coat so if you are concerned about that, this is a ceramic you can use on all your sensitive surfaces! Clear Coat will layer on any other product, no special prep needed other than a clean surface.

The chemical in Clear Coat is activated with static electricity that generates when sprayed from our fine mist premium sprayer (included), will adhere to the surface applied and will not come off except with abrasion. Using Clear Coat is like putting a turtle shell on your surface! Repels water, dirt, fingerprints, fall out, bird dropping damage, dust and grime. Keeping your surface clean becomes effortless and will resist fine scratching caused by abrasion from washing and cleaning. For best results, apply every 3 months or more depending on desired protection but may be used as little as every 12 months! Waxing will no longer be necessary after using Clear Coat! The best part is, with all our products, Clear Coat will layer on any Plane Perfect product and other products as well. There is no extensive prep necessary with Clear Coat, simply spray on a clean surface, wipe in with a microfiber towel and buff off the excess!

There is no Silicone at all in Clear Coat and is safe for fabric airplanes! Any hard surface, metal, plastic, paint, clear coat, composite, gelcoat, dope/fabric, etc. Completely hydrophobic, Clear Coat will shed water and grime and leave surfaces looking great even after a rain storm for months after one use. Use on your windows (plastic and glass), composite, fabric/dope airplane, paint, countertops, dashboards, head and taillights, glass shower doors, collector car, boat, RV, daily driver -  ANYTHING!  Clear Coat protects it all! Purchase RELOADs for easy mixing with water when ready. One reload will supply 16oz of product (when mixed with water). Once applied initially, one bottle will produce multiple applications. 

If you have a polished airplane Clear Coat will help KEEP it polished by repelling water (spots) and other harmful dirt and debris. Use this on your automobile, collector car, truck, boat or RV to keep the surface looking BRAND NEW! Use a microfiber towel to wipe down your car's dashboard and GPS screen - repels fingerprints and dust. Clear Coat is an absolute game changer! 


Pour concentrate into 16oz bottle and fill with water when ready to use. Shake well before and during use. For best results, spray onto previously cleaned surface. Spray Clear Coat, distribute evenly with a microfiber towel, then buff with a second dry microfiber towel removing all product on the surface to be treated. Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces. Do not allow product to dry on its own. Remove sprayer and cap bottle when not in use to prevent seepage. You may reapply as necessary. The product will layer on itself for added protection and other Plane Perfect products. Clear Coat has a 6 week minimum shelf life when using tap water. Using distilled or reverse osmosis water dramatically increases shelf life. Bottle comes with fine mist sprayer. Make sure to use with Plane Perfect microfiber towels to prevent scratching.


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