EcoClean - Waterless Airplane Cleaner

Plane Perfect

$ 9.95 $ 20.95


EcoClean is a waterless wash system designed for pilots that either can't use water due to airport rules or otherwise prefer not to use water for washing their plane. Water can seep into places not seen and have unintended consequences! EcoClean emulsifies and suspends dirt and grime producing a clean surface. It also includes natural carnauba wax for a streak and scratch-free shine. Safe for all panels, fabric, wheels, glass and more, EcoClean is a great waterless washing alternative. Directions: Always use with a Plane Perfect Premium Microfiber Towel. Spray surface to be cleaned liberally with EcoClean. Using a clean microfiber towel, gently wipe in one direction with no pressure to remove the dirt. Once the dirt is removed, a light haze of carnauba wax will be left on the surface. Use a fresh microfiber towel and buff off the haze in the opposite direction, revealing a brilliant shine protected by the highest quality blend of carnauba wax and sealants. Follow with Wing Wipe for a superior shine or Perfect Seal and Protect for long lasting protection.