Plane Perfect 1 One bottle solution - SiO2 Ceramic Cleaner and Detailer


Plane Perfect 1 is our newest and most exciting formula! A one bottle cleaning and detailing solution, 1 is comprised of a unique SiO2 surfactant free emulsion of cross linking polymers and special additives to quickly and effectively clean, shine and protect paintwork, glass, plastics and rubber moldings as well as a variety of other surfaces. 

1 is specially formulated to be surfactant free, leaving only the active ingredients behind after drying. This allows the surface being treated to feel hyper slick, be hydrophobic and highly detergent resistant as compared to other polymer type sealants. 1 will leave treated surfaces protected for months instead of days! Engineered for high UV index applications - this aviation grade ceramic will become your favorite on every vehicle in your household! The best part is it's made right here in Chicago, IL USA!! 

1 is effortlessly easy to apply, simply spray and wipe regardless if the surface is wet or dry, dirty or clean. 1 is suitable over any base surface protection regardless of polymer sealant, wax or any other type of coating - in other words - NO PREP NEEDED!!

A full ceramic one bottle cleaner and detailer that can be used when the vehicle is dirty (as a dry/waterless wash) or when clean as a detailer/sealant spray! Special emulsifiers lift dirt and grime from the surface while you simply wipe them away leaving full ceramic protection behind that lasts up to 12 months! Apply as often as you like, use as a daily detail spray or when extra protection and shine are needed, the choice is yours! 

Layers upon itself: The more you use 1 the more protection you get! The unique formula in 1 layers upon itself for added protection and shine. Plane Perfect 1 will also layer on any other product and of course works especially well with all other Plane Perfect products. Provides excellent results when using Buddha Belly first on oily, dirty and greasy surfaces. Follow with 1 to lay down superior shine and ceramic protection! 

1 is safe for all surfaces and can be used on soft plastics such as aircraft windshields, motorcycle windscreens, helmets and boat windows. Painted surfaces, gelcoat and fiberglass, rubber, plastic, chrome, metal and glass all shine like new again after using 1! Plane Perfect 1 does contain silicone, so users looking for a non-silicone ceramic will want to use Clear Coat.  

Get a bundle! Gallon+16oz bottle+12 premium microfiber towels+FREE shipping - a $160 value for $125!!

Directions: Liberally spray 1 on surface to be cleaned. Using a microfiber towel, wipe onto surface using a horizontal or vertical cross-hatch pattern with slight overlap. Flip the towel and wipe excess to dry. Can be used as a waterless wash or after washing vehicle, use as a drying aid, over the top of any coating or wax, on any exterior surface. For grease or oil use Buddha Belly first, then follow with 1 to reapply protection. Can be used as often as you'd like over any product or surface. Non hazardous, do not freeze or expose to temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.  

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