Wing Wipe - Airplane Detail Spray

Plane Perfect

$ 12.95 $ 19.95


Wing Wipe is an all around detail spray and sealant. It produces a high gloss shine and protects against the harmful effects of UV rays that all aircraft are exposed to. Wing Wipe is designed to remove fingerprints, dust, light grime and bugs while providing a high gloss shine teamed with the protection of an aerospace grade sealant. Wing Wipe's amazing nano-spec formula is safe to use on any exterior surface, including painted and coated composites, metal, plastics and fabric aircraft. Wing Wipe also works GREAT on cars, boats, RVs and Motorcycles!  The more you use Wing Wipe, the more protection you get and the better it performs! Further, if you're using Buddha Belly, you'll find that following it with Wing Wipe produces even better results.

Directions: For best results and to avoid scratching, use a clean Plane Perfect Premium Microfiber Towel. Apply Wing Wipe liberally to the surface to be detailed. Wipe with clean towel, then buff to a high shine with a fresh, dry towel. For heavy grime, allow ample time for bugs to rehydrate. For optimum results, do not allow Wing Wipe to dry on surfaces.  Do not use in direct sunlight on hot surfaces.